Obvious USA Problem: Heroin Addiction

Common sense tells us that thousands of people should not be dying from Heroin overdoses every year in our state, and across the nation. Yet, it’s happening. Why? Three reasons:

  1. Doctors commonly prescribe opiates for pain relief, in all situations, from tennis elbow and knee surgery, to removal of wisdom teeth and bone cancer. About 25% of these patients become dependent. About 25% of these eventually resort to heroin. About 50% of these people overdose and die.
  2. There is way too much stress in our world, due to onerous taxation, bank fees, food, housing and health insurance costs and law enforcement. This leads to bad eating, sickness and injury, and drug dependence.
  3. Health insurance allows people to take drugs for too little. Once they are hooked, they need a high, and heroin (and now Fantynyl, which is 100 times as strong), are relatively affordable. Not good.

Top 10 Fallacies In The U.S.A.

Top 10 Fallacies In The U.S.A.

  1. 9/11 could not have been avoided. In fact, the U.S. Gov’t wanted it to happen, and they benefitted.
  2. The Federal Reserve is the government. No, it’s the big banks, and they want to own everything.
  3. Our water is safe, our food supply is safe, drugs are safe, immunizations are safe. Wrong again.
  4. Our justice system works. Nope. It’s rigged for the rich and those who know the law to win.
  5. Inflation is low, around 5%. Sorry, not true. With minor exceptions, we are getting ripped off.
  6. We are getting the truth in our newscasts, and our politicians care about us. Not a chance!
  7. Our economy is stable. Not at all. Get ready for a bigger fall than 2008, it is being planned.
  8. Home ownership is a right, and on the up and up. No sir, the government is using it to plunder.
  9. Cancer is being eradicated, along with other dreaded diseases. No, they enjoy the money though!
  10. You are free. Ha ha, not at all, the government owns you. Look into it!

Get Outside Today!

It’s November, and it’s 70 degrees in Boston. If you are spending your entire day indoors, something is wrong with you.

Your body wants to be in nature. When you stay inside, you need certain things to make life bearable, such as: Cigarettes, Coffee, Sweets, Money, The Internet, Shopping, etc.

Don’t be that way. Make a plan to relax outside this weekend. Take a hike, bike ride, tour the freedom trail, go to a park, or play a game of touch football or basketball, or whatever you like.

Nature is the ultimate in stress relief.

And for heaven’s sake, drink clean water instead of coffee!

Why Do Pro Athletes Die So Young?

The typical lifespan for a pro athlete is about 60, almost twenty years less than average.

There could be many reasons for this, here are a few:

  1. They have a lot of pressure due to fame and fortune
  2. They have taken many medical procedures, drugs and testing to stay in the game
  3. They have sweated out their minerals and did not replenish them (big body of evidence here)
  4. They have eaten more animal foods with pesticides, hormones and antibiotics than average
  5. They have endured a lot of airplane travel
  6. Steroids
  7. Relationship difficulties due to their lifestyle
  8. Depression due to not being able to continue sports as they age
  9. Difficulty making enough money to support their lifestyle
  10. Being stuck in a naive or immature state, unable to cope with problems as they age

Some pro athletes that died too young:

  • Moses Malone
  • Junior Seau
  • Tony Conigliaro
  • Lou Gehrig



Last night I learned of the death of a high school friend of mine.

James and I had lost touch, but I remember him as an intelligent, sensitive, giving person even at age 16. For the world, and particularly his sons and parents to have lost him at just 51, is very difficult.

My fondest memory of James is when he and another friend beat me and my best bud Marc at a game of 2-on-2 touch football, back in high school. James was tall, a good receiver, and a good blocker. Maybe not Gronk, but talented. May he rest in peace.

I am grateful to still be here, for my family, and for me. I will try to devote myself to good works, and also to enjoy every day, and to take care of my body.

Bernie Sanders and Ben Carson Make Sense

Out with the Bushes and Clintons, and in with Bernie Sanders and Ben Carson! Americans are tired of the kingdom of the few wealthy individuals who control our country. Maybe this will lead to the president being a reformist, as Sanders and Carson surely are. But it could also lead to some big economic problems, particularly if a potential political novice discounts the importance of our national debt. Who are you interesting in for president? What do you think our largest problem is as a nation?

Marathon Bomber To Be Executed, Not The Answer

So the young Chechen rebel who had a difficult childhood and ceded to the influence of his radical Muslim brother, given the socioeconomic realities of his life, will eventually be killed for having killed three four and maimed a hundred others. Do we all feel better?


Since when does making a person who has caused the suffering of others, learn, grow, change, or even feel remorse, simply because authority is making them suffer as punishment?

It may be a natural reaction for a person who has yet to mature, but it is surprising that in a two hundred year old republic, the most freedom-loving nation on Earth, we are still executing criminals.

Furthemore, the parents of Martin Richard, the youngest victim of the Marathon Bombing, and others, pleaded with the court and the public, not to continue the violence. To no avail.

And what message does this send to the radical muslims half a world away? That killing is okay? That it is time for them to get retribution for the U.S. execution which was in return for the terrorism which was in turn to protest the violence in the United States’ nation-building policies over the past 50 years?

What do you think?

Peace Or More Violent Acts In The Middle East?

Muslim Protest Sign

What to do about ISIS?

They are building a huge nation of people committed to taking down this world, plain and simple.

Do we fix our own nations and let them implode as a result of their own nightmarishly radical views?

Or do we bomb the daylights out of them as we have done with so many rogue nations before it?

Unfortunately, whatever we do, it will not be a unified front with other nations, and we will switch gears every four or eight years. Clearly there are some basic flaws to our republic.

I will pray, that individuals will cease to listen to the voices that lead them to violent acts.

What will you do?

Gaining A Foothold On Health


DKbeachglasseshatI have a new client who is allowing me to help her not only build her web site, but also reorganize her workspace, and make dietary suggestions, as she attempts to overcome recent health problems and get back to her successful consulting practice.

I’ve done this work for over 15 years, but only in the past three years I feel more satisfaction, ease and success in this role. I believe it comes from developing true patience, and from my own suffering.

We all have different health needs, because we have unique bodies, experiences, and wishes for ourselves. That makes personal health consulting a challenge. To me, the single most important skill in this work is listening. I need to know what the client is experiencing, wants to change, and is willing to do in terms of work, budget, and timeframe.

One size does not fit all, but if it did, General Motors, McDonald’s, and IBM would still rule the world. Yet there are some big ideas that everyone can benefit from. Until you call me for support, here is what I would offer to you as the top five suggestions to strengthen your health, help you be more effective and satisfied, and keep you alive longer.


  1. Stop Smoking and Avoid Toxins Such as Diesel, Pesticides, Perfume, Nail Polish, Hair Dye
  2. Avoid Alcohol and Sugar in All Forms
  3. Limit Animal Foods To <10% of Your Diet
  4. Go Organic For Animal Foods, Greens & Fruits
  5. Spend More Time Outdoors In Nature, With Animals, and Bring Plants Inside


If you need help with any or all of these, please send me an email at david@kagan.co

Why Don’t We Eat Real Food?

Somewhere along the line, it became easier to steal heads of cattle from a conquered people, instead of growing crops, then killing them for food.

Somewhere along the line, wealthy white people decided that grains should be white, not brown.

Somewhere along the line, people decided that stealing the mother’s milk from another species was a good idea, financially and nutritionally.


Somewhere along the line, people decided it was better to use petroleum to fertilize crops instead of using natural manure, and pesticides instead of growing flowers next to crops.

Somewhere along the line, people decided to use NaCl salt instead of sea salt, and refined sugar instead of apple, beets, carrots, squash and corn for sweetness.

All these ideas, and many more, have led to a world where 80% of people get their nutrition from Fritos, Diet Coke, Donuts, Coffee, Pizza and Beer.

As obesity, heart disease, diabetes, cancer, ADD, autism, alzheimers, MS, Parkinsons, ALS, COPD and mental illness dot the polluted landscape, is anyone fighting to change all this?

Why don’t we eat real food? Because we accepted these changes all along, instead of fighting.