Everyday Health

Everyday Health is what we enjoyed generations ago, when most work required physical labor every day, and we traveled on foot or horseback. We consumed a local, organic, plant-based diet, with occasional animal foods from healthy animals.

That is no longer the case. Our work is largely cerebral, we travel by car, bus, train and airplane, and walking etc. has fallen dramatically. We eat 25-40% animal foods, high amounts of fat, sugar, salt and chemicals. This has led to a dramatic rise in all disease, and rapid decline in our longevity, wellbeing and mood.

Everyday Health is the name of a new course being taught in Framingham, which can help you and your family make a new start this year, and improve your results immediately. Everyday Health is taught by to veterans of plant-based cooking, macrobiotics and natural living with 70 years of experience.

The course is 20 hours, taught over eight weeks on either Tuesday and Wednesday evenings. Alternatively, there is a weekend course which consists of 3 hours Friday evening, 8 hours on Saturday, and 6 hours on Sunday. Cost is $249. Food demo is included.



1. What is Everyday Health? (3 sessions, or Friday and half of Saturday)

  • Why balanced, plant-based eating is the way to better health
  • Taste healthy breakfast, lunch, dinner, snack, beverage and dessert foods
  • Learn about basic principles for human health in nutrition, exercise and lifestyle

2. How to cook healthy food (3 sessions, or half of Saturday and half of Sunday)

  • Why our meals need to change with the seasons
  • How to shop for and prepare healthy meals
  • How to handle travel and eating out with minimal problems

3. Health Yourself  (2 sessions, or the last half of Sunday)

  • Introduction to Macrobiotics, juicing, fasting, cleansing and natural treatments
  • How to work on your mind, body and spirit using traditional methods

Also includes six months of support by email, handouts with recipes, and a placemat.

Sign up today! First session begins April 2. More information and sign up by calling David at 508.333.4153, or sending an email to david@kagan.co