Career Day


Overview: This course is offered to high school sophomores, juniors and seniors, who will soon be making a decision on whether to attend college or seek some other training, apprenticeship, or career path.

The course consists of two four hour lectures, a take home work packet, two guest lectures (optional), and two field trips (optional), along with videos available online. It is offered during winter and spring vacations, as well as twice during the summer. Calendar

The cost is $199, and includes all materials, as well as a lifetime membership to the web site, and the opportunity to retake the course for $49. An online version only, with no guest lectures and field trips, costs $19.95.

The goal of the course is for your teenager to gain insight into various professions, rather than guess, or take suggestions from parents, guidance counselors, or academic achievement (grades and scores). Students will learn about a minimum of 36 different careers, and hear or see live testimony of a minimum of four, subject to availability and interest.

Considering the cost of college, and the need to find work that is satisfying and can earn a good living, this course provides a critical element of education that is not offered anywhere else.

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