Improve Your Common Sense

Common Sense Clip Art of a guy about to fall out of a tree

This guy seems hopeless. But who among us has not made a mistake like this?

Common sense can save your life, and make it better every day. Can it be learned? Yes.

Are you accident prone? Do people laugh at you behind your back? Does the world seem like a big mystery to you?

Where Does Common Sense Come From? Why do some people have more than others? If you are book smart, is this a disadvantage?

We hope to make this site helpful to people who recognize that common sense is really important, and it is worth an investment in time, and possibly money.

If you are talented in common sense, and can teach, please get in touch with us! We don’t require any special degrees, but we are looking for healthy, happy and charismatic people who live on the east coast, and have at least 20 hours per week to devote to assisting people in their quest to live better.